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Tire Buster

Bust colored tires, complete the 14 unique achievements and become the ultimate TireBuster! Enjoy! To become a legit TireBuster,first you need a set of instructions.
Choose a character that you like,take control of his/her turbine cannon, aim and fire away colorful tires!
Match three or more of the same coloured tires to make them bust.
Beware though, time ain’t at your side…bust fast, because every ten seconds the tires are moving down towards the finish line. Prevent them from getting past it, cause if you don’t you have to start anew.
Shoot, bust and try to last.
Let’s see for how long!

Click on the link to play the game
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Drako Hell Rider

Drako, a skeleton that lives in the deepest depths of hell needs your help to ride this incredible fast bike through rocks and mountains. Use your keyboard arrows to move and balance, use Z X C V and B to make tricks and earn more points. Keyboard keys to move and Z X C V B to do some tricks.

Click on the link to play the Game

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3D Alien Escape (Molehill)

3D Game where you escape a alien basement. Use Arrows or WSAD to move.

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Italy Race

Italy Race

Italy is one of the most wonderful countries in Europe, and if you have the occasion to visit it, you must do so. Also it has one of the most challenging tracks in the world, in this racing game, you will have to prove you can control the car, and win all the levels in the game. See you at the finish line! Use the arrow keys to play this game.

Click on the link to play the Game

Funtime at Brainytodsarcade.com

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