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Puppy (Noun)
A puppy is a young dog.

A puppy likes to play with other puppies.


Why do puppies chew slippers?

Because they’ve got to chew something! As their teeth start to come through, their jaws itch and ache. Chewing on something helps the pain to go away and makes them feel better.

Good dog!

A dog that is well cared for makes a happy and loyal companion. Some dogs can be trained to help people with disabilities get around.

Wild dog!

There are dogs that live in the wild. The Australian dingo roams around the countryside, hunting sheep and chickens, which make farmers very angry. And – it does’nt bark!

It’s a dog’s life!
1. Dog’s like to go for walk every day.
2. Grown-up dogs can eat two meals a day. They enjoy meat and dog biscuits.
3. Dogs need a lot of attention, love, and training. So it’s important to remember that caring for a dog
will take up a lot of time.

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