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Creating National Flag

Republic Day, a national holiday in India, celebrates India becoming a democratic republic. The festival occurs on January 26. Although parades and festivities occur all over India to celebrate Republic Day, a large parade and pageant occur in New Delhi each year. The celebration incorporates honoring soldiers, cultural attire and more. Children can enjoy celebrating Republic Day by making the national flag, taking part in a parade and having a pageant.

Children can create a version of India's National Flag.

Children can make the national India flag with construction paper to celebrate Republic Day. Give children a sheet of green construction paper and have them place it horizontally on their workspace. This will be the flag’s base. Then give them a strip of saffron or orange and a strip of white construction paper. Each strip should be a third of the green paper when placed on the paper horizontally. Have them glue the strips onto the green paper. The orange strip should be placed at the top of the green paper and the white strip should be glued in the middle of the green construction paper below the orange paper. Green will be the bottom color of the flag. For the flag’s blue wheel design, the image can be drawn in the center of the white strip.


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