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How to make an Elephant Mask

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world today. There are African elephants (with larger ears) and Asian elephants (with smaller ears). In Asian culture, elephants are revered for being wise and having excellent memories – and indeed a common saying in the West too is “an elephant never forgets”. You can tell this gorgeous elephant mask is of an Indian elephant because of his colourful head-dress and his ears! Fun for kids to make and wear!

You will need:

1. Large paper plate
2. Grey paint
3. Grey card
4. Coloured paper
5. Decoration (we used 3D paint and gems you can use whatever you have to hand)
6. Glue
7. Thin elastic


1. Paint the back of the paper plate grey and leave to dry.

2. When the paint is dry cut out your eye holes.

3. From grey card cut a trunk and two ears, remembering that Indian elephants have small ears.

4. Glue the ears to opposite sides of the face and the trunk to the middle.

5. Cut out a triangle of coloured paper for the head-dress and glue it to the plate so the point sits
between the eyes. Decorate the coloured paper with bits from your craft box.

6. Make a small hole in either side of the face. Tie a piece of elastic through.


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