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Did castles have bathrooms?

Unfortunately, no! When someone wanted a bath, water had to be collected from a well. It was heated over a fire and poured into a wooden tub. Filling a bath like this took a long time. So, when the first person got out, others used the tub in turns. The last one out of the tub must have been even dirtier than when he got in!

Home sweet home
Castled were forts as well as homes. They were built long ago to protect wealthy families and their servants and knights.

Haunted house
Some say Windsor castle, in England, is haunted by the ghost of an English King names Charles I.

Castle facts
Castles didn’t have flushing toilets. Instead they had chutes which ran down inside the castle wall and out into a pit. Daring soldiers sometimes managed to sneak into enemy castles by climbing up these chutes.


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