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Puppy (Noun)
A puppy is a young dog.

A puppy likes to play with other puppies.



Speed (Verb)
To speed is to travel very fast.

A person who speeds on the road is driving too fast.

The driver speeds around the race track.


Steam (Noun)

Steam is a hot white cloud of gas.

It comes from boiling water.

Steam comes up from a pan when it boils.


Weigh (Verb)
If you weigh something you find how heavy it is.
You use scales to weigh people and things.

I often weigh myself in the bathroom.


Python (Noun)
A python is a very strong and large snake.
It lives in the jungle and is very dangerous.

This python lives in a tree.


Goose (Noun)
A goose is a big bird with a long neck.
A goose makes a very loud noise.

A goose will make a lot of noise if you go near it.


Far (Adjective)
Far means a long way away.
If something is far it takes a long time to get there.
The Moon is far away from the Earth.

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