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Recycled CD Bird Craft

Recycled CDs are put to good use in this fun bird craft for kids. Hang these at the window and watch them sparkle! You can even string them above your vegetable patch to scare away the real birds!

You will need:

2 old CDs or DVDs
Glass pens
Strong glue – we used high tack PVA (if you are hanging outdoors you will need waterproof glue)
Coloured cellophane (you could use old carrier bags and food packaging)


Decorate the plain sides of the CDs with glass pens and allow to dry.

Cut two legs, a triangle for the beak and three oval ‘feather’ shapes from cellophane.

Glue the beak, legs and feathers to the face of one CD. Glue the two CDs face to face with the ribbon in between.

If you like you can cut two teardrop shaped wings from cellophane and glue these to the middle of the CDs. They don’t show up well in our photos but if you look closely you can just catch a glimpse of a green wing here:


Window Pictures

These colourful Window Pictures will brighten up any view, and bring some of the sunshine in this summer! A super summer craft for kids.

You will need:

Tissue paper
Laminating sheet and laminator


Cut out different colours and shapes from the tissue paper to make a picture. Open the laminating sheet and arrange your picture inside.

Close the top layer and carefully feed your picture through the laminator. Please note that laminators can get very hot so young children will need an adult to do this bit.

Stick your picture to a window so the sun can stream through it and make the picture glow.

Here is our window picture when it came out of the laminator, before we put it in the window.

Paper Plate Daffodil

What you’ll need:

9″ paper plate
Foam coffee cup
Yellow and green craft paint
12″ x ¾” strip of cardboard (cereal box works well)
White craft glue

How to make it:

Cut off the top of the coffee cup — you want the remaining cup to be about 2″ high. Turn the cup over and trim the bottom so the sides are even.
Use a pencil to draw a simple star on the back of the paper plate.
Cut the star out of the plate, rounding the arms of the star as you cut.
Paint the inside of the cup and the star yellow. (See photos 1 and 2.) When dry, paint the outside of the cup yellow as well.
From the paper plate scraps, cut 4 leaves. Glue the leaves to the cardboard strip (stem).
When glue is dry, paint leaves and stem green.
Glue the yellow star to the top of the stem and glue the yellow cup to the center of the star. Allow all to dry.
If the flower seems too top heavy, try using a wooden dowel instead of the cardboard strip, or display inside a tall vase or jar. You can also add a magnet to the back of the flower to display on the fridge!
If you don’t have coffee cups, make a simple cylinder out of rolled up yellow construction paper for the center of the daffodil.
You can skip the stem all together and add a piece of yarn to the back to hang on the wall!

Pasta pictures

Pasta pictures is a fun art and craft project and is a great year round kids activity. Your kids can create amazing pictures using the ingredients that you already have in the cupboard. So great crafting now!

Number of players: 1+

What you need:
Strong wood glue
Cardboard or gift box

There are so many great ways to get your pasta working for you!
1. Animal cut out – let your child draw a large animal or similar on the cardboard.
Help them to cut it out and then squirt or paint glue all over the cut out.
Next position the pasta on the glue before it dries.

2. Name plate – write your child’s name in large block letterson the cardboard, help your child to cut this out and then cover with glue.
Next position the the pasta to cover it completely before it dries.

3. Draw and fill in – encourage your child to draw something that will be fun to fill in with pasta shapes.
For example, a huge race track or a big pond with surrounding plants and flowers.
Same glue and paste instructions as above.

Magic ink

Help your kids discover the magic of the amazing science experiment and kids activity that creates magic ink. Watch their eyes widen in wonder as they uncover the secrets behind the amazing possibilities of science!

Number of players: 1+

What you need:

Small plate
White paper


Squeeze the lemon juice into a small plate with a few drops of water and mix with a spoon.

Dip the toothpick into the lemon juice mix and write a message on the white sheet of paper.

When it dries the writing will be invisable.

Heat the paper by holding it over a lamp with the writing side down.

The invisible ink writing will slowly turn brown and appear on the page!

Cotton wool rain clouds

The perfect craft for a rainy day! Be inspired by those rain clouds and get making your own. They’ll be a nice addition to the other arts and crafts on the display wall.

What you need:
Cardboard (recycle a cereal box)
Blue cellophane
Cotton wool

Step 1. Cut cardboard into a cloud shape.
Step 2. Cut cellophane into strips.
Step 3. Glue the bottom of the cardboard and place the strips of cellophane on it.
Step 4. Overlap the cellophane strips with more so it’s a downpour rather than a shower!
Step 5. On the same side, glue again and stick the cotton wool balls all over the cloud, filling it in.

Thumbprint Ladybugs

Kids will love dotting their thumbprints onto the paper and adding the details to make these darling little ladybugs.

Material Required:
1 sheet green construction paper
1 sheet light blue construction paper
2-3 cotton balls
Acrylic paint: light blue, red, orange, light green, pink, black and white
Glue stick

Place the light blue construction paper on the work surface. With glue, cover the bottom third of the paper where the “grass” will be. Place the green paper on top of the glued area and press down to seal.
Turn paper over and trim off all but 1 inch of the green paper.
Apply glue stick to that remaining 1 inch of green paper, and then fold it up onto the blue paper and press to seal to make a clean bottom edge.
Turn paper back over. Use the glue stick to “draw” on some clouds in the sky. Pull apart cotton balls and attach to the glue to create the clouds.
Dip child’s thumb into colored paint and press thumb onto green area of the paper. Repeat in different colors and press onto different areas of the green paper. Let the colored paint dry.
Dip only the tip of the child’s thumb in black paint and press onto the front of each of the colored thumbprints to create the ladybug heads.
Use a toothpick dipped in black paint to add the ladybug spots.
Wipe the black paint off of the toothpick. Turn toothpick around and dip the clean end into white paint to dot on the eyes. Let dry.
When white paint is dry, use toothpick dipped in black paint to add the pupils.

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