365 Ways to Make your Tod Rule The World

The Fox and the Crow

The Fox once saw the Crow fly over with a piece of cheese in her
beak. “I want that cheese,” thought the Fox.

When the Crow landed upon a branch of a tree, the Fox sat down
beneath the tree and called, “Good day, Mistress Crow!
How well you are looking!
How bright your eyes!
How glossy your feathers!”

The Crow was pleased. She loved to be flattered.

“I am sure your voice is even more beautiful than your feathers,”
said the Fox. “Won’t you sing a song for me, O Queen of Birds?”

The Crow was so pleased she could hardly sit still.

She lifted her head high, closed her eyes and opened her beak
to sing: CAW-CAW-C-CAW-W-W

The cheese fell to the ground, right in front of the Fox.

“Thank you Mistress Crow,” he said the unhappy bird.
“In exchange for your cheese, I will give you a piece of advise.”



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