365 Ways to Make your Tod Rule The World

Recycled CDs are put to good use in this fun bird craft for kids. Hang these at the window and watch them sparkle! You can even string them above your vegetable patch to scare away the real birds!

You will need:

2 old CDs or DVDs
Glass pens
Strong glue – we used high tack PVA (if you are hanging outdoors you will need waterproof glue)
Coloured cellophane (you could use old carrier bags and food packaging)


Decorate the plain sides of the CDs with glass pens and allow to dry.

Cut two legs, a triangle for the beak and three oval ‘feather’ shapes from cellophane.

Glue the beak, legs and feathers to the face of one CD. Glue the two CDs face to face with the ribbon in between.

If you like you can cut two teardrop shaped wings from cellophane and glue these to the middle of the CDs. They don’t show up well in our photos but if you look closely you can just catch a glimpse of a green wing here:


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