365 Ways to Make your Tod Rule The World

Paper Plate Daffodil

What you’ll need:

9″ paper plate
Foam coffee cup
Yellow and green craft paint
12″ x ¾” strip of cardboard (cereal box works well)
White craft glue

How to make it:

Cut off the top of the coffee cup — you want the remaining cup to be about 2″ high. Turn the cup over and trim the bottom so the sides are even.
Use a pencil to draw a simple star on the back of the paper plate.
Cut the star out of the plate, rounding the arms of the star as you cut.
Paint the inside of the cup and the star yellow. (See photos 1 and 2.) When dry, paint the outside of the cup yellow as well.
From the paper plate scraps, cut 4 leaves. Glue the leaves to the cardboard strip (stem).
When glue is dry, paint leaves and stem green.
Glue the yellow star to the top of the stem and glue the yellow cup to the center of the star. Allow all to dry.
If the flower seems too top heavy, try using a wooden dowel instead of the cardboard strip, or display inside a tall vase or jar. You can also add a magnet to the back of the flower to display on the fridge!
If you don’t have coffee cups, make a simple cylinder out of rolled up yellow construction paper for the center of the daffodil.
You can skip the stem all together and add a piece of yarn to the back to hang on the wall!


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