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Pasta pictures

Pasta pictures is a fun art and craft project and is a great year round kids activity. Your kids can create amazing pictures using the ingredients that you already have in the cupboard. So great crafting now!

Number of players: 1+

What you need:
Strong wood glue
Cardboard or gift box

There are so many great ways to get your pasta working for you!
1. Animal cut out – let your child draw a large animal or similar on the cardboard.
Help them to cut it out and then squirt or paint glue all over the cut out.
Next position the pasta on the glue before it dries.

2. Name plate – write your child’s name in large block letterson the cardboard, help your child to cut this out and then cover with glue.
Next position the the pasta to cover it completely before it dries.

3. Draw and fill in – encourage your child to draw something that will be fun to fill in with pasta shapes.
For example, a huge race track or a big pond with surrounding plants and flowers.
Same glue and paste instructions as above.



Weigh (Verb)
If you weigh something you find how heavy it is.
You use scales to weigh people and things.

I often weigh myself in the bathroom.

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