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Why is soda pop fizzy?

It’s fizzy because the gas carbon dioxide is pumped into it. Before you open the bottle, most of the gas is trapped invisibly in the drink. But when you unscrew the top, the gas is released and forms thousands of bubbles.

Making a fizz

Why not try your own fizzy experiment? Add baking powder to water and watch what happens. When it mixes with water, it makes bubbles of carbon dioxide, too.

Built-in fizz

Some sodas are naturally fizzy. This means they make their own natural gas – like root beer.

Fizzy facts

The very first fizzy drink was made in 1772, by a British scientist called Joseph Priestly. He hoped he’d mad a medicine. He hadn’t but the drink caught on!.

When you breath out, carbon dioxide is one of the gases in your breath.

Fizzy fun

What do you give a sick lemon?


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