365 Ways to Make your Tod Rule The World

Why do bees dance?

To tell other bees where to find flowers filled with sweet nectar. Certain bees are sent out of the hive to look for flowers. Then they come back home and do a dance in shape of a figure 8 to tell the other worker bees where to find the flowers. The bees will use the nectar to make honey.

Buzzy bee facts
It takes nectar from 2,000 flowers to make one tablespoon of honey.
Worker bees can fly at 15 mph, that’s probably as fast as you can go on your bicycle.
Most bees only sting to protect themselves.

Follow the sun
If you draw an arrow through the middle of the “8” in the direction of the sun, you’ll find the nectar – if you’re a bee that is!

Bee humor
What did the mother bee say to the naughty baby bee?


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