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Personalised T-Shirts

Paint T-shirts for Mom, Dad, Grandma…anyone!

The things you need:

1. Plain T-Shirt

2. Fabric paints

Put some paint on your hands and make impressions on the T-shirt. If you have siblings then you can also ask them to put their fingerprints too. Everybody writes their name under their impression.

You can also write slogans like ‘hugs for grandma’, ‘three cheers for my mom’, ‘you are the best daddy/mommy/sister’ etc.

You can also take some leaves and print them on to the T-shirt and write slogans like ‘save the earth’.
While painting the T-shirt, just take care of two things-
Prewash the T-shirts to allow shrinkage.

Put a piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt so that the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back.
Next time you need to make someone feel special, this is the way to do it.



Stadium (Noun)
A stadium is a large building where you can see sports matches.
It usually has a big field with lots of seats around it.

Big crowds of people can fit into a stadium.

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